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_+=--+-_+-+-+_-=-=_=___=-layne garrett-+_=_=_-=-_--=_+-+-==-_+_+_=
-tape-a-day : january 2013
make a tape every day for a month

-instruments : ongoing

-re-construction of a monument, w/ tape : april 5 2009
large-scale tape loop intervention, rock creek park

-weed tree: 2010 - ongoing
guitar/drums duo w/ amanda huron

-the cutest puppy in the world : 2004 - 2009
duo with bryan rhodes "wildly humanistic ministrations" (-germ ross)

solo releases
-guitar tape winter 2014 : 2014 : cassette
prepared resonator guitar and electric guitar improvisations

-together/apart : 2009 : cd (sockets)
improvised duos with a buncha rad folks

-growing through : 2009 : cd
guitar improvisations "a precious sound document" (-thomas stanley wpfw)

-...the lost spaces, reconstructed... : 2006 : 2xcd (sockets)
"truly original and at times mind-blowing" (-foxy digitalis)

-space superiority is not our birthright but it is our destiny : 2005 : 2xcd
bull tongue top 80 (+1) of 2005 "long, patient cosmo-dronez with ear juice
acoustic guitar improvisations and just fine clackery." (-t.moore/b.coley)

-live show calendar

-occasional podcast


-audio at archive.org